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30-day fitness challenge

Should You Take on That 30-Day Fitness Challenge?

It seems that these days there’s a new 30-day fitness challenge being posted online every other week. You’ve got squat challenges, the plank challenge, a pushup challenge, the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge, and more. Some people may think fitness professionals would get annoyed with these things popping up, but that’s not really the case. A […]

Amy doing resistance band pulldowns

Getting in Shape; It’s 90% Mental

Matt and I started attending the Correct Fit II class at Jade Fitness, and it is much more challenging than Correct Fit I. Just call me Captain Obvious! Throughout the process of getting into better shape, it is important we keep safely upping the difficulty level of our workouts. Correct Fit II involves a lot […]

pumpkin muffins

Four Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for Your Gourds

As you are headed out to the pumpkin patch this weekend out in the Virginia or Maryland suburbs, you may want to consider grabbing an extra pumpkin or two for cooking. Pumpkin has a multitude of health benefits, including slowing digestion for weight loss, increasing eye health, bumping up your immunity, lowering cancer risks, and […]