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Ali Nader

Member Spotlight: Ali Nader

Meet our Member Spotlight this month Ali Nader. We reached out to learn more about him, and these are the questions we asked him and his answers:

Baked Salmon Cakes

Thea’s Baked Salmon Cakes

We love featuring recipes from our training staff, and Thea‘s got a great one here with her Baked Salmon Cakes. Make this for yourself, or multiply out the recipe to cook for the whole family or freeze for future quick meals!

chris kettlebell

Introduction to Kettlebell Lifting Workshop

Jade Fitness is excited to host a special kettlebell workshop with Master of Sport ranked competitor, multiple time national champion, national record holder, and one of the top lifters in the US, Chris Doenlen! His experience is drawn from over ten years of weight lifting and endurance training, lots of personal experimentation, and a unique […]