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Do you hit the treadmill before or after your workout?

Cardio or Strength First, Does it Matter?

Over the years, we get asked by a majority of new clients whether they should get their cardio workout in before or after they do weight training. This is a highly debated topic on forums across the spectrum, from Bodybuilding websites, to weight loss websites, and military training websites. The consensus over the years has […]


Amy’s Blog: Digging Deeper

There comes a point in every class or training session where I want to cry, throw up and/or quit (in no particular order). It usually lasts for about a minute or two and it usually involves cardio and Drew shouting “You can do this, dig deeper, don’t stop!” So I force myself to “dig deeper” […]


Why Work Out Alone, Get Into Small Group Training Today!

Are you just getting into your fitness routine, or have you hit a rut in your current workout regimen? You should consider trying a group-training workout to spice things up! Personal training can get expensive with prices for individual workouts hovering around the $100/hour price range, but did you know that many gyms give you […]