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pumpkin muffins

Four Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for Your Gourds

As you are headed out to the pumpkin patch this weekend out in the Virginia or Maryland suburbs, you may want to consider grabbing an extra pumpkin or two for cooking. Pumpkin has a multitude of health benefits, including slowing digestion for weight loss, increasing eye health, bumping up your immunity, lowering cancer risks, and […]

Do you hit the treadmill before or after your workout?

Cardio or Strength First, Does it Matter?

Over the years, we get asked by a majority of new clients whether they should get their cardio workout in before or after they do weight training. This is a highly debated topic on forums across the spectrum, from Bodybuilding websites, to weight loss websites, and military training websites. The consensus over the years has […]


Amy’s Blog: Digging Deeper

There comes a point in every class or training session where I want to cry, throw up and/or quit (in no particular order). It usually lasts for about a minute or two and it usually involves cardio and Drew shouting “You can do this, dig deeper, don’t stop!” So I force myself to “dig deeper” […]