Yoga Memberships

We are proud to host some of Capitol Hill’s best yoga instructors and can’t wait to have you join us for a class.  All members with group fitness plans, can use their visits to take yoga – it is a great complement to your fitness program.

We now offer Gentle Yoga!

Becky and Truly are excited to host a weekly gentle yoga class Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  This class is ideal for seniors, students with special conditions or injuries, and beginners who want a gentle introduction to basic yoga poses. Class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility. Poses are sometimes taught with the use of props such as chairs, blocks, blankets, and straps, to help students ease into postures and find proper alignment. All yoga classes end with deep relaxation and a guided visualization to help release tensions and reduce stress. Beginners welcome.  Sign up here.

Yoga Memberships

Single Session – $20

10 Pack – $150

Unlimited Monthly – $165

One on One Yoga (contact us for details)


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Check out our great instructors below!

Becky Pfordresher

Truly Herbert