Our Classes

Jade Fitness is always adding new classes, so check back regularly to see our current lineup. All classes are held in Capitol Hill at 1310 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

A.B.C. Workout – A targeted workout that focuses on toning the Arms, reshaping the Butt, and strengthening the Core!

Body Blast – A serious strength-training workout that will challenge your upper and lower body and core to build lean muscle and give you a ripped body.

Boot Camp Basics – The perfect total body class for beginners or those who want to get back to exercising properly.

CardioCore – A fusion of high-intensity cardio and core training that will improve your stamina and core strength.

Fit Fusion  – Fit Fusion fuses together the benefits of free weights, Kettle Bells, TRX, Bosu and the full arsenal of our equipment to provide a total body workout that focuses on real life functional movements.   Resistance training, cardiovascular training, and functional movements are all included to create a dynamic and effective program. If you are somebody that likes variety, then you will love the spontaneity of this class.

Flow Yoga – Alignment-based yoga that builds heat with a vigorous sequence of sun salutations, standing positions, forward folds, back bends, twists and inversions. Mindfulness techniques and breath work are integrated into each class. Variations and hands on assists are offered for all levels of experience. With a consistent practice over time, flow yoga will help students gain strength and flexibility, release tension and develop mental clarity.

Gentle Yoga – This class is ideal for seniors, students with special conditions or injuries, and beginners who want a gentle introduction to basic yoga poses. Class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility. Poses are sometimes taught with the use of props such as chairs, blocks, blankets, and straps, to help students ease into postures and find proper alignment. All yoga classes end with deep relaxation and a guided visualization to help release tensions and reduce stress. Beginners welcome.

InsanityThe world’s most insanely tough workout.  If you like the feeling of being drenched in sweat…..of going full force for a full 45 minutes of muscle-searing exercise, this is the class for you . Get a year’s worth of results in just 60 days.

Introduction to Yoga – A beginner’s yoga class that allows you to learn basic yoga postures and modifications depending on your flexibility and familiarity with yoga and its terminology.

Jade Meditation ClubYou work so hard on your outer fitness, but what about your inner fitness? In this brand new class Mimi will guide you through meditation techniques and philosophies – a real workout for your mind and heart. If you’ve never meditated before, this is your chance to give it a try in an all inclusive and motivating environment!     Pay by donation

Jade Series – Jade Fitness’s new systematic approach to total body workouts in a group training setting. Classes are designed so that members can focus more on half of the body while performing recovery exercises for antagonist movement patterns. Training sessions are tracked and change periodically to ensure progress and prevent overuse injuries.

  • Jade Pull Total body class focusing on Upper Body Pulling and Hip Extension movement patterns. The approach is not limited to any modality. Free weight, bodyweight, suspensions, and kettlebell exercises will be utilized. Class is open and accessible to all levels of fitness.
  • Jade Push Total body class focusing on Upper Body Pushing and Knee extension movement patterns. The approach is not limited to any modality. Free weight, body weight, suspension, and kettlebell exercises will be utilized. Class is open and accessible to all levels of fitness.

Jade Pull Mon. 7pm
Jade Push Wed. 7pm

MMA Bootcamp Workout – An exciting total body workout – mixed martial arts style. Combining strength, cardio, flexibility and endurance, this class is a great way to get in shape and learn some cool MMA moves at the same time.  Perfect for all levels.

Mobility 101 In this class, you will relieve stress after a tough workout, relieve nagging pains from an injury and prepare your body for intense workouts. Mobility class will teach you how to use certain fitness tools to improve the movement of your body so that you can increase your fitness potential, decrease possible injuries and become a better athlete.

P90X- P90X is a complete fitness system designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Created by Tony Horton the program includes intense workouts that use resistance and body-weight training, cardio, plyometrics, ab work, martial arts and yoga.

PiYo – PiYo is a fun, challenging class fusing Pilates and Yoga. You will burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and get a great stretch! The class is a little different each time, but always a great workout!


Power Yoga- Power Yoga evolved from classical Ashtanga yoga in India to be a more inclusive and modern style. With emphasis on coordinating breath and movement, Power Yoga offers a way for anyone to progress through strengthening and healing poses at their own rate. Open to all levels, with several different variations offered for each pose.

Stretching and Flexibility – A gentle yet challenging class for seniors that will help with flexibility and the stretching of basic muscles in the body.

Teen Small Group Personal Training  The class is designed specifically for teenagers who thrive in non-team oriented activities. Participants will focus on fun functional everyday movements to improve coordination, self confidence and strength.

TRX/Kettlebell – A great fusion of stability, strength and core movements. A unique and FUN way to get results.

Weekend Warrior – An extended 75-minute, 3-in-1 workout to build strength, get your cardio in, and finish off with a good stretch.

WWX (Weekend Warrior Extreme) – This 50-minute class is a high-intensity, sweat-inducing full body workout. Perfect for those short on time who want to incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility in one efficient workout. Perfect for members who have taken the 75 minute Weekend Warrior class but are crunched for time.
Not recommended as a beginner class.Sunday 9am