New Morning Classes!

Meet Jerome and Carly They are now teaching classes at 6am on Tuesdays and Fridays. They would like to transform you from this to this with their early morning workouts. Want to play? View Our Class Schedule  

Four Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for Your Gourds

As you are headed out to the pumpkin patch this weekend out in the Virginia or Maryland suburbs, you may want to consider grabbing an extra pumpkin or two for cooking. Pumpkin has a multitude of health benefits, including slowing digestion for weight loss, increasing eye health, bumping up your immunity, lowering cancer risks, and […]

Cardio or Strength First, Does it Matter?

Over the years, we get asked by a majority of new clients whether they should get their cardio workout in before or after they do weight training. This is a highly debated topic on forums across the spectrum, from Bodybuilding websites, to weight loss websites, and military training websites. The consensus over the years has […]

Amy’s Blog: Digging Deeper

There comes a point in every class or training session where I want to cry, throw up and/or quit (in no particular order). It usually lasts for about a minute or two and it usually involves cardio and Drew shouting “You can do this, dig deeper, don’t stop!” So I force myself to “dig deeper” […]

5 Reasons to Bring a Buddy to Your Next Workout

We’re a group training facility, so many of the people who work out at Jade Fitness become friends, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your outside the gyms friends in the cold. Here’s a list of 5 reasons you should bring a buddy to your next workout. Because you need to catch up. In the […]

Why Work Out Alone, Get Into Small Group Training Today!

Are you just getting into your fitness routine, or have you hit a rut in your current workout regimen? You should consider trying a group-training workout to spice things up! Personal training can get expensive with prices for individual workouts hovering around the $100/hour price range, but did you know that many gyms give you […]

Amy’s Blog #3: My First Small Group Fitness Class

After having to take a week off due to some freak illness, we got back into the groove of things Wednesday evening with my first small group fitness class at Jade Fitness: “CorrectFit Level I.” I must admit, I came home from work exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to […]

Amy’s Blog #2: Starting For Real! Our First Training Session

We had our first “official” training session with Drew recently. I must admit, it was tough! Not necessarily what he was asking us to do…my body just was not on board. After the cardio warm-ups to get our blood pumping, my body totally betrayed me. It was screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” The way my […]

Amy’s Blog: “Beginning My Journey” – Sept 4, 2014

I’m out of shape. It happened slowly over time. I have lots of good excuses (SERIOUSLY! I got hit by a car and had to have major surgeries!), but that doesn’t change the fact that every time I see an out-of-order escalator, I’d rather curl up in a ball and cry than walk up the […]