About Us

building-frontJADE Fitness is a unique fitness facility that provides high-intensity training, alignment-based fitness, and weight management programs. We will encourage and challenge you to overcome physical and mental barriers and achieve the highest levels of fitness possible. We offer a warehouse space for functional training on all levels, as well as a second floor studio for small group fitness classes.

What Makes Us Unique

  • A focus on correct form, function, and alignment
  • A warm and inviting environment
  • Individualized attention and a commitment to helping you achieve your fitness and weight goals
  • Top trainers and instructors who are passionate, energetic, and most of all, fun!

Our Mission at JADE Fitness is simple:

  • To offer cutting edge and personalized fitness instruction and personal training
  • To motivate and inspire you to your fullest potential
  • To practice the principles of “correct fitness” to help ensure proper body and postural alignment and function
  • To create a community that is serious about being fit, but never too serious to laugh and have fun

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